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  • What areas do you serve?
    Currently Imbue Luxe Events serves the greater Indianapolis metro area, Fishers, Geist, Noblesville, Carmel, McCordsville, and Greenwood. Imbue Luxe Events can be flexible should you fall outside of these areas for a small fee. Please contact us to inquire further.
  • When should I schedule my luxury picnic or event?
    You may schedule your luxury picnic as far in advance as you desire. However, all booking request need to be completed at minimum 7 days from your desired luxury picnic. More elaborate events that require more planning and set up, need to be booked at least 2 weeks in advance from your desired set-up.
  • Where can luxury picnics and events be hosted?
    Your luxury picnic or event can be hosted anywhere in the major metro area of Indianapolis. Luxury picnics and events can be set up at local parks, or location of your choosing, such as your home, your backyard, covered porch, or at another business establishment that agrees to provide the space.
  • What will my luxury picnic include?
    Each luxury picnic package includes the following items for identified time: · Low artisan picnic table · Pillow seat for each person · Tablescape décor/styling · Dinnerware & Utensils · Lines & Rugs · Complimentary Water or Lemonade · Imbue Luxe Kit · Set up · Clean up
  • Can I bring my own food and drinks?
    Definitely! Customers are permitted to bring food to their private luxury picnic or event, so long as your venue permits. Imbue Luxe Events does not currently provide any food, catering services or beverages, aside from the complimentary water OR lemonade. If you are interested in adding catering services to your luxury picnic experience, be sure to check out one of our recommended partners found HERE.
  • Does Imbue Luxe Events provide any food or drinks?
    Imbue Luxe Events provides each luxury picnic and small gatherings with a choice of bottled water or lemonade. Imbue Luxe Events does not currently provide any food, catering services or beverages, aside from the complimentary water OR lemonade. If you are interested in adding catering services to your luxury picnic experience, be sure to check out one of our recommended partners found HERE.
  • Does Imbue Luxe Events provide alcoholic beverages?
    Imbue Luxe Events does not provide any alcoholic beverages on public park properties, or other properties where prohibited. Parks do not permit alcohol or the consumption of alcohol on their premises; violation of these policies may result in fines. Imbue Luxe Events cannot stop guest from bringing their own personal food or drinks to their luxury picnic or event set-ups. Imbue Luxe Event's does offer complimentary champagne for specific packages, so long as alcohol is not prohibited on identified premises.
  • Do I need to clean up?
    NO, please don't! Imbue Luxe Events luxury picnics and events are designed to be stress free. All we ask is that you show up, relax, and enjoy the experience. Leave the rest up to Imbue Luxe Events once your luxury experience has concluded.
  • What if there is inclement weather?
    Refunds will not be offered in the event of inclement weather as other bookings will have been turned away to service your luxury picnic or event. If there is bad weather predicted in the forecast Imbue Luxe Events will contact you via phone or text, two days before the scheduled event and offer to reschedule or encourage you to identify another indoor space to accommodate your event. Should we deem that the weather will not be supportive of an outdoor luxury picnic or event (i.e., rain, wind, lightening) day of, we will not set up the picnic or event in inclement conditions. Luxe Events is accommodating in moving luxury picnics and events indoors, to your own backyard, covered patio or home if needed at your request. Rescheduling due to inclement weather must occur within six (6) months of original booking date. Travel fees may apply depending on the distance.
  • Will an Imbue Luxe Events staff member remain on-site during the picnic or event?
    Imbue Luxe Event staff members will leave as soon as you arrive. If you do need us at any point, feel free to text or call.
  • What if I am late to my picnic or event?
    We ask that you please arrive on time to your luxury picnic or event, as an employee will be waiting for your arrival. Please note your luxury picnic or event starts and ends at the agreed upon time, not the time when you arrive. You will be considered a no show 30 minutes after your event time has started. Please contact us at (317)-500-4411 or email us at to notify of a late arrival to your event. Your event time slot will not be altered due to late arrival.
  • Can I leave the picnic or event early?
    If you plan to leave before your time is up, we require a 30-minute courtesy text or call. We ask that you do not leave the picnic unattended at any time. You are responsible for our rental equipment until an Imbue Luxe Event employee arrives or is onsite.
  • What if something gets lost, stolen or damaged?
    The persons hosting that event shall be responsible for any loss or damage to any times such as plates, goblets, ceramic bowls/plates, vases, props, and other decorations. Customers should notify Imbue Luxe as soon as possible when they are aware of any damage cause while renting. Fees will apply for replacement at the full cost of purchasing a replacement. These fees are payable within seven days of identified loss or damage unless agreed otherwise.
  • What is the Refund & Cancellation Policy?
    Imbue Luxe Events does not offer refunds once payment has been received. If we have canceled your luxury picnic or event for any reason, with less than twelve (12) hours advance notice, we shall refund any payment already received, excluding the 50% booking deposit. Imbue Luxe Events will notify you via phone, email, and/or text of any cancellation. Imbue Luxe Events requires a 48-hour notice to reschedule or cancel your event. Deposits are non-refundable. We understand things happen beyond our control, with that said if you need to reschedule your luxury picnic or event for a different date/time we can further explore those accommodations within six (6) months of the original booking. Rescheduled dates are subject to availability and must be completed within six (6) months of the original booking date.
  • What Covid-19 measures are in place?
    Imbue Luxe Events values the health and safety of our customers. We fully sanitize all materials used in our picnic and events after every use and strive to follow local health guidelines regarding public gatherings. Disposable single use utensils are available upon request.
  • Can I bring my kids?
    Kids are always welcomed! Many of our themes are designed to accommodate children. However, we do request customers take extra caution in protecting Imbue Luxe Events property and its proper use.

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